Once again, it takes a blogger to ask the questions the media just don’t think to ask. Glenn Reynolds turned around a tweet from Cox Radio reporter Jamie Dupree about the White House’s explicit threat to veto whatever the GOP sends him today.

Much as the White House — with the help of NPR — did its best to re-brand President Obama’s sequestration cuts as a Republican creation, the administration and media are hard at work trying to push the idea of an uncompromising GOP taking the economy hostage. The real question: why won’t Obama and the Democrats negotiate? Harry Reid earlier today said the vote was a “meaningless” gesture of extortion by Tea Party “anarchists.” White House spokesman Jay Carney issued a statement accusing the GOP of moving to shut down the government, complete with talk of “sabotage.”

People do know that the GOP’s only move was to strip Obamacare funding from the continuing resolution, leaving the rest intact, right? That failing, they asked that the individual mandate be delayed a year, just as the employer mandate was delayed by the White House.

Biased media? Where?

It’s time for the president to own it all: Obamacare, the sequester, and any government shutdown ensured by his veto.