It would be a worthwhile news story just to hear that Sen. John McCain said something good-naturedly, especially to a fellow Republican. But for McCain to call fellow Sen. Bob Corker — also absent from the list of 19 Republicans who voted against cloture and Obamacare — a “traitor,” even as a joke, just goes to show where McCain proudly stands between the aisles of the Senate.

He wasn’t so good-natured when he labeled Sen. Ted Cruz and company “wacko birds,” and this morning Corker accused Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah of grandstanding out of a desire for the spotlight.

The spotlight was on the entire Senate today as they voted, and conservatives weren’t so good natured about the traitors congratulating each other over their victory.

There’s no love lost for Corker either.

Corker doesn’t seem to be bothered by his new nickname.