Kanye West’s all-caps Twitter meltdown last night over a Jimmy Kimmel parody video had all the hallmarks of a classic Alec Baldwin rant, including threats and homophobic insults. Today, then, puts R&B singer Chris Brown, previously found guilty of felony assault, in the awkward position of being the cooler, calmer and possibly more mature mentor as he reached out to advise Kanye West.



We did say possibly more mature. Brown, of course, is most famous outside the music world for beating up then-girlfriend Rihanna. When confronted about that incident on “Good Morning America,” Brown stormed off the set and then trashed his dressing room, smashing a window and sending thick shards of glass into the street below. ABC News (i.e., the media) reported the incident, therefore once again making Brown look like some sort of “aggressive animal.”

Chris Brown giving Kanye West advice on how to handle the media? That’s like…