We can’t say we here at Twitchy were huge fans of Generation Opportunity’s anti-Obamacare spot. You probably remember it; it was the one where a creepy Uncle Sam popping up from under the table to perform a gynecological exam had viewers threatening to gouge their eyes out.

Here it is, more than 1.8 million views later.

The point was simple enough: let doctors do their jobs and let politicians continue to do whatever it is they do to get paid — just keep them out of the exam room.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) has been fighting the GOP’s War on Women™ long enough to know it when she sees it, and she’s looking for people to denounce the “deplorable and sexist” ad. Translation: the ad has a chance of working, and rather than refute the premise, let’s call it sexist. Don’t you see that the GOP shows utter disregard for women’s privacy and their ability to make their own medical decisions? That’s the job of the IRS once it takes over the health care system, right?

So, which GOP leaders will step forward to denounce the spot they had nothing to do with?

Why yes, will the senator be exempting herself from the wonders of Obamacare? She certainly doesn’t want to run into that creepy ass cracka in the stars and stripes at her next doctor visit.



* * *


Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.) has declared Generation Opportunity’s spot shameful and “so offensive to women.” What’s the offensive part? The speculum? No, the idea that the ad suggests opting out of Obamacare, which would deny women all of those “healthier options.”