“It’s the law of the land” seems to be the latest talking point from the Left when it comes to selling Obamacare to the skeptics — whom polls suggest number well over half of the population. It’s not such a bad choice for a stock response, because it avoids having to answer any difficult questions. “Hey, I thought if I liked my plan I’d be able to keep my plan, but I just got a letter that it’s been canceled.” Well, it’s the law of the land. “I thought my premiums were supposed to go down, not up.” Sorry, but it’s the law of the land. In other words, you have no choice, so shut up.

As Twitchy reported, the law of the land, as signed by President Obama, requires the employer mandate to go into effect this coming January, which it won’t. Union bosses recently visited the White House not to repeal the law of the land, but to score a waiver until the law is “fixed.” (That won’t happen either.)

Ann Coulter’s not off topic at all bringing up immigration reform. Building a 700-mile, double layer border fence? That was the law of the land too, but Rep. Jason Chaffetz wasn’t able to find that fence during his recent visit to the U.S./Mexico border. It’s worth a reminder, too, that being here illegally violates the law of the land.

Coulter knows what shape America’s immigration reform is in.