That tweet about guns from designer Kenneth Cole seemed to come out of nowhere, but he was actually responding during a #fashiontalk event to a fan who wanted to know more about Cole’s approach to socially conscious advertising. How, for example, would he approach the message of gun control?

There you go, free of charge: Kenneth Cole’s tagline is to “Stop gun manufacturers who are making a ‘killing.'” Note the assumption that the person manufacturing the gun is the one who has to be stopped. And it’s already started; look at the workers from, say, Magpul and HiViz, who found their companies packing up and moving to more business-friendly pastures.

You can’t say that Cole and his team haven’t come up with some catchy marketing slogans recently. As America recently struggled with how to respond to the gassing of Syrian civilians with chemical weapons, Cole wanted to make sure that, along with the option of boots on the ground, we didn’t “forget about sandals, pumps and loafers.”

Socially conscious, you know.