You can’t bid on any of the “Breaking Bad” props up for auction at until Sept. 29, but you might not want to peek at the goods on offer until after the final episode airs. On second thought, go ahead and have a look. Producers have withheld some props that could give away clues to the last few episodes. This is the Internet, though, and it seems likely someone has Photoshopped a few fake items into the site’s layout.

Ready to peek?


No lesser authority than the crowd at has debunked the authenticity of these spoiler-filled props, such as Todd’s FBI badge. (What? Todd was an undercover agent this whole time?!) And “Heull’s skeleton”? Really?

Still, the panic that the fate of Walter White and company had been given away was real.

Esther Zuckerman from the Atlantic Wire came to the rescue, confirming with ScreenBid that the image making the rounds was indeed fake.

Fake, but still fun.