It wasn’t actually MSNBC host Martin Bashir who asked, “How stupid is Ted Cruz?” That would be MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, but Bashir liked the question so much he made it one of his top lines of the day. Now isn’t that special?

So, what did Cruz do this time? Claim there were 57 states? Mistake Mars for the moon? No; rather, he insisted he’d do whatever it takes to defund the oncoming, job-devouring train wreck that is Obamacare. The idea is so ridiculous it seems to have taken up residence in the heads of several MSNBC hosts, who can’t stop talking about this idiot Cruz.

Bashir’s followers were happy to clarify the depth of Cruz’s stupidity. This much comedy gold could pay off the national debt.


Is that you, Cher?

Maybe if President Obama would just release his college transcripts, he’d shame Cruz into never speaking again. If the Daily Beast can uncover the print on Cruz’s college-era bathrobe, the media can certainly dig up some grades. Make it happen, MSNBC.