If Allan Brauer, (former) communications chair for the Sacramento Democrats, knows just one thing, it’s that “It matters how you say it!” — especially when wishing death on children. He’s proved, though, that he knows way more than just one thing. Though the idea that the Inuit have hundreds of words for “snow” has been debunked as an urban legend,  Brauer has demonstrated that he has quite a few words to describe the concept of “woman,” though they’re not pretty.

The inimitable Ace of Ace of Spades HQ knows that it matters how you say it, and few say it better. He’s been retweeting some of Brauer’s greatest hits, complete with commentary.


Well, they used to pay that guy, or at the very least, let him volunteer his special brand of communications services to their fight against the GOP’s war on women.

Sometimes, the “huggers” in the party “love” women just a little too much, at the expense of their jobs.

Exactly. A swipe at Sen. Ted Cruz is an essential part of any sincere apology.


Death-wish Dem Allan Brauer forced to resign