As Twitchy reported, today is Constitution Day, but it’s also the second anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Allison Kilkenny wrote a piece commemorating the anniversary for The Nation, concluding that Occupy has thrived because the same conditions that inspired the movement are still with us today: the “rich are richer, the corrupt live without fear of going to jail, and everyone knows institutions aren’t coming to save us.” Conservatives, at least, have known for a long time not to wait around for the government to save us.

One other thing hasn’t changed either is the pure entertainment value of Occupy. Kilkenny today headed to New York’s Zuccotti Park, the epicenter of the movement, to capture the occasion in photos. The “Fight for 15” crowd, a new arrival in the last two years, occupied the sidewalk in front of McDonald’s with “A livable job is a right” signs.

Here’s a target of cuts we hadn’t thought was a darling of the Occupy movement: the United States Postal Service.

Kilkenny was thrilled to see that “hipster cop” from the 2011 protests was still on the beat.

Face painting, bands and sing-alongs!

If being arrested for wearing a mask happens only in America, someone ought to call Vladimir Putin and remind him to let Pussy Riot out of jail.

Is this old white guy protesting institutionalized racism, or is he just too shy to ask to be frisked?

The Workers’ World Party wasn’t shy about its goal of shutting down capitalism in favor of socialism. “God bless them”; isn’t that what Rep. Nancy Pelosi said two years ago?

Who missed the drum circles? Anybody?

Protesters tried out some new slogans in a search for something that could accurately capture the gestalt of the Occupy movement, and they might have found it.