It was absolutely no surprise that the usual suspects — we’re looking at you, Piers Morgan — took the occasion of today’s shooting at the Washington Navy Yard to shame the nation for not yet passing whatever gun control measures would have stopped today’s tragedy. It was a bit surprising to hear White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggest to the White House Press Corps that it might be a little early to start talking gun control again. Tomorrow, maybe, but not today.

Carney responded to questions about the shooting by saying, “it would be inappropriate to try to put in context something about which we have so few facts.” Carney is infamous for appreciating but not answering questions about ongoing investigations, but this ongoing investigation didn’t involve a White House scandal but a mass shooting.

That didn’t keep reporters from pressing Carney to link the shooting to the president’s ongoing gun control push. Instead of the White House using the media to push the message of gun control to the people, today it was the press asking when the president was going to do more about gun violence.

Huffington Post’s Sabrina Siddiqui was there at the briefing.

The president has, actually, kept on issuing executive actions on guns, albeit quietly. One area could use immediate attention, though.