See? Pivot TV’s “Raising McCain” had the power to bring people together, primarily to laugh at Meghan McCain. At least people are watching, right?

Pivot president Evan Shapiro apparently can’t be happy with that. Yes, #RaisingMcCain is trending, but as so many conservative hashtag hijacks have demonstrated, just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s popular.

Maybe “Raising McCain” will be a monster hit; perhaps it’ll emerge as Pivot’s breakaway success. How can it fail when the president of the network is doing audience outreach like this?

We apologize in advance if we’ve gotten bad information and Evan Shapiro isn’t really the president of a television network. His bio does say he’s an adjunct professor of television management at NYU’s Stern School of Business and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, so yeah, that touch of douchiness about him is very likely not an act.

You betcha. Hey, let’s look for some genuine fan tweets.