Please excuse the quotation marks around “free” in the headline; it’s a thing we have with our tax dollars coming back to us in the form of initiatives we never asked for. To be honest, the EPA’s lessons don’t look half bad at first glance, and we’d love Bette Midler to sign up for the first lesson, “Weather and Climate: What’s the Difference?”

The lessons do place climate change firmly in the hands of industrialized nations, though. “Burning fossil fuels releases CO2, a heat-trapping gas, into the atmosphere, which is the main reason why the Earth’s climate is getting warmer,” reads one lesson.


Here’s a possible assignment: take a field trip to the EPA’s $750,000 a year warehouse full of crap in Maryland to study the effects of corrosion, vermin feces and mold on human health. And for extra credit: name three government agencies you’d do away with.

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