Sean Hannity knew that guest Ann Coulter saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin was making a monkey out of President Obama over Syria would be trouble. Coulter eventually conceded that “rag doll” would work just as well — anything to show that Putin was running the show, from giving NSA leaker Edward Snowden asylum to forcing Obama’s hand on an Olympic boycott to making that pesky red line disappear and saving the president the embarrassment of another defeat in Congress.

Enough about that, though. What’s important is that Coulter used “monkey” and “Obama” in the same sentence. OMG, did you just hear Ann Coulter call Obama a monkey?


For good measure, we should add “rag doll” to the Big Book of Racist Code Words as well.

Context is important, now. If Sarah Palin says “shuck and jive,” it’s racist, but if Chris Matthews or Jay Carney says it, it’s not. Fear not; Mediaite is here to set us straight with the shocking video.