At Twitchy has reported, even President George W. Bush’s critics have found it hard to overlook the extensive work Bush has done on behalf of Africa, both when he was president (through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) and after leaving office, though the auspices of the Bush Center. His efforts have saved thousands if not millions of lives on the continent — not bad for a man who reportedly doesn’t care about black people.

President Bush was honored tonight at the University of Denver for his efforts to fight HIV, cervical cancer and malaria in Africa, but of course there were protesters.

Christopher Hill, Dean of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at UD, served as U.S. Ambassador to Iraq.

Most media reports put the number of protesters at “about 100,” though photos from the scene suggest that estimate might be at the high end.

The Bush protest wasn’t the only bit of civil disobedience in Denver today. Activists handed out free joints to protest a proposed 5 percent city tax on recreational marijuana. So which do you think drew a bigger crowd?


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