We here at Twitchy wholeheartedly support the creation of a Celebrity NRA. Hollywood’s best and brightest can raid their studios’ prop departments for fake guns (and they have plenty, including fully automatic rifles), and then they can hit the range and fire blanks at straw men all day.

“Funny or Die” is a video site where liberals go for political propaganda for those times when Jon Stewart just gets too serious and preachy. In today’s offering, “NRA spokesperson” Sarah Silverman briefly puts aside her obsession with bodily hygiene to announce the creation of a “black NRA,” to equip young black men with guns; after all, they need them the most.

Rainn Wilson (of the ultra-violent and gun-filled vigilante fantasy “Super”) is on board too.

OK, we get it. Look at those scary black men. Fighting to preserve the Second Amendment preserves their right to bear arms too, and do conservatives really want that? Well, yeah.

Just a heads up, celebs: there already is a black NRA, but for simplicity’s sake it just goes by, “The NRA.” And while fake NRA spokesperson Sarah Silverman points a (presumably) fake gun at the cameraman and at her own head in the “Funny or Die” spoof, very real (and black) NRA spokesman Colion Noir could use his NRA training to teach a few basics of gun safety. First, don’t point a gun at a cameraman or your own head. A “Funny or Die” video isn’t worth the risk — seriously.

He also has an informative video called “Hollywood Hypocrites” that might interest you. (Sorry Sarah, your scene didn’t make the cut.)


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