We know quite a few conservative women who’d rather shoot a rapist than spit in his face; as Dana Loesch noted at the recent Bridging the Gap summit, “firearms are a feminist tool.” Still, while some consider concealed carry the most direct route to female empowerment, others chose to conceal very little as they took to the streets for the 2013 SlutWalk.

SlutWalk started in 2011 in response to a Toronto police officer’s suggestion that “women should avoid dressing like sluts” to reduce their chances of being sexually assaulted. What other possible response could there be than to dress like sluts en masse and hit the streets?

Chicago’s Daley Plaza was the site of perhaps the biggest demonstration.


Bring the kids!

Dr. Phil’s “drunk sex” tweet, which was so brutally (and hilariously) parodied on Twitter, made an appearance.

Several other cities around the world hosted their own marches, but as far as we know, Ottawa was the only one to feature a performance by the Radical Grannies.

Miley Cyrus and her tongue dominated the headlines last week following her twerkfest at the Video Music Awards, but a few perceptive souls (like actress Patricia Heaton) weren’t about to let 36-year-old Robin Thicke off the hook for his part in the spectacle. His “Blurred Lines” might be the song of the summer, but its message didn’t go over well at SlutWalk.