When news broke that 33-year-old writer Michael Hastings had been killed in a fiery car crash in June, the Internet lit up with conspiracy theories. The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald quickly noted that the last piece Hastings had published before his death was a criticism of Democrats and their support of the NSA’s newly exposed surveillance program.

A coroner’s report released today, though, supports Hastings’ family in their claim that the accident was nothing more than an accident. A toxicology report showed traces of marijuana and other drugs in Hastings’ system, and his family says they were trying to convince him to enter a detox program.

Hastings was most famous for his Rolling Stone story that led to U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s recall to Washington and his eventual resignation.

Not surprisingly, conspiracy theorists are convinced the coroner’s report is just another part of the cover-up.