Greg Sargent, liberal columnist for the liberal Washington Post, told readers this morning to keep an eye on Heritage Action’s nine-city “Defund Obamacare Tour,” which kicked off tonight in Fayetteville, Ark. “Will there be any grassroots outcry to speak of on behalf of the right’s push for a government shutdown to defund Obamacare,” he asked, “or will the whole thing be a big fizzle?”

What if nobody shows up? Not to worry: the tour has gotten off to a great start, with a standing-room-only crowd gathering tonight to listen to Heritage president Jim DeMint and Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz.

We don’t have a head count, but Heritage’s tour doesn’t look like a big fizzle, at least not compared to the cozy “Don’t repeal my healthcare” counter-rally outside. If there’s one legitimate concern for conservatives, it’s this:

Ted Cruz will join the tour when it hits Dallas, but if today’s meeting of the Kingwood Tea Party is any indication, they’re going to need more chairs.