Violence against women has long been a part of the political unrest in Egypt, so much so that volunteers set up watchtowers in Tahrir Square and established a “Tahrir Bodyguard” Twitter account to provide escorts and respond to reports of assault. Now, with violence against Western journalists beginning to claim lives, it’s an especially dangerous place for female reporters such as Nancy Youssef, Middle East Bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers. She claims police encouraged a mob to beat her up.

Other tweets suggest that no one is safe, and a statement reportedly issued by Egypt’s State Information Service acknowledges that “Egypt is feeling severe bitterness towards some Western media coverage that is biased to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

At a time when the SIS expresses its respect for the freedom of opinion and expression, it noticed that some media coverage has steered away from objectivity and neutrality that are internationally common, according to a certain political agenda; a state of affairs that led to conveying a distorted image that is very much far from the facts and media coverage.