When Russell Simmons hands you a Harriet Tubman sex tape, you make it a teachable moment. Democratic consultant Donna Brazile took advantage of Harriet Tubman trending on Twitter to draw attention to Tubman’s life and achievements. Unfortunately, she forgot to address her tweets to @UncleRUSH, who might have been the only person to have found the idea of a Harriet Tubman sex tape funny.


It was a noble effort, but there’s just something about Tubman’s inspirational quotes sharing the same 140-character tweet with the #HarrietTubmanSexTape hashtag…

Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene knew who was in need of a teachable moment and let him have it, along with some others in the media.

As long as we’re making a teachable moment out of Russell Simmons’ sick video, how about this lesson?