Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore is no stranger to dubious awards, so MSNBC’s Chris Hayes might want to check if he can trade in that unofficial “Edward R. Murrow Award” for some ratings. Why all the praise? Because MSNBC managed to cut through all of those “phony scandals” plaguing President Obama and dedicate an hour of prime time tonight to “The Politics of Power,” a special on climate change, with Hayes bravely reporting from the front lines.

What makes Gore’s praise so special, though, is that his former employee at Current TV, Keith Olbermann, holds an actual Edward R. Murrow Award he earned (somehow) while working at MSNBC, and he recently revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Gore is a clod.

When you’re working for somebody whom you admired politically, who turns out to be a clod, the scales fall from your eyes. Sorry. Al underdelivered. I mean that’s just simply the case. I don’t want to dwell on it, but it’s true.

Maybe it’s time to give the “next Edward R. Murrow” card a rest.