Poor Piers Morgan. Not only is there a ratings war with Megyn Kelly on the horizon, but there hasn’t been a good gun massacre to exploit lately. Then, when he tries to revive the debate, he ends up saying something ridiculous about AR-15 holsters that utterly destroys whatever credibility he had left. Maybe it’s the righteous outrage that makes it so hard for Morgan to sustain a coherent argument; maybe it’s just because he likes Americans so much — except for George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert, and those NRA nuts.



But if guns are guns and they all kill, why has “Musket” Morgan set his sights almost exclusively on the AR-15, holstered or not? Put on some grave dancing music and he’ll explain.

If America did nothing in response to the Newtown massacre, we must have dreamed all of those new gun control restrictions being passed in New York, Colorado, Delaware, New Jersey and elsewhere, not to mention that vote in the Senate.

He’ll have to get back to you on that. How guns work isn’t the only thing Morgan doesn’t understand.