In an exclusive published yesterday, the New York Post revealed that Tawana Brawley has at last begun making payments on a settlement reached in 1998 with the man she falsely accused of being part of a mob of white men whom she claimed kidnapped and raped her in 1987. The Rev. Al Sharpton, who loudly and famously championed Brawley in the ’80s, had his share paid off by a group of supporters in 2001, and has moved on to other high-profile projects, but Brawley is just now finding her wages garnished.

Post reporter Michael Gartland notes that Brawley, who still owes $431,000 in damages (the original settlement of $190,000 plus 15 years of interest payments), remains “defiantly unapologetic,” like Sharpton himself.

Sharpton’s “career” is the only one that doesn’t seem to have suffered. Will the MSNBC host step up and cut a check for his former “client”?

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