Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house? The last time we heard that one we laughed so hard we fell off our dinosaurs.

Public Policy Polling has a penchant for appending some curveballs to its polls, but in its recent survey of 890 Alaska voters, PPP wrapped things up by asking if voters could see Russia from their homes, and then copied @SarahPalinUSA on the result.

A more enlightening poll question might be to ask how many voters know that line comes from a “Saturday Night Live” skit, and that what Palin told ABC’s Charlie Gibson was that “you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska.” Hilarious, huh?

There were some serious questions mixed in there as well, but it’s tough to take any of the results seriously when PPP also asked how well George Zimmerman would fare as a presidential candidate — running as a Republican.

Out of curiosity, why did PPP have Zimmerman switch parties?

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