Republican Senators Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz took the floor of the Senate this afternoon to urge their colleagues to vote against any continuing resolution to fund Obamacare. Cruz’ office summarized his speech in a series of tweets while he spoke.

It was Rubio’s repeated comparison of Obamacare and the disastrous 1985 launch of New Coke that had Twitter buzzing, though. In a blog post published Monday at, he suggested that like New Coke, Obamacare is an expensive experiment that’s bound to fail in the marketplace.

Only in Washington do people double down on their mistakes. In the real world, Ford stopped producing Pintos. Coke dropped New Coke and went back to its original formula.

Washington should be no different. When politicians and their ideas fail, they should be thrown out of office come election time. In the meantime, their bad ideas – like ObamaCare – should simply not be funded.

When you consider the Obama administration’s enlisting of pop stars to sell the Affordable Care Act to the youth who are going to be funding the bulk of it, it’s not such a stretch.

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