Singer Harry Belafonte today joined protesters who have been occupying the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee for more than a week to demand a special legislative session to address racial profiling and the state’s “stand your ground” law. Gov. Rick Scott met with representatives of a group called the Dream Defenders a week ago and stood by the legislation, prompting the protesters to double down and vow not to leave until their demands were met.

According to the Associated Press, Belafonte said that Gov. Scott still had the opportunity to act before protests intensified and the situation in the capitol became “ungovernable.” The crowd has grown from around 20 to as many as 250.’s Lee Stranahan was at the capitol and spoke briefly with Belafonte, who pinned the blame for the nation’s racial division squarely on the shoulders of the Tea Party, “but cited no specific examples.”

In the meantime, more than 150 Dream Defenders are preparing to be locked in for another weekend. Protesters have been allowed to stay in the building over the weekend but are not allowed re-entry if they leave.

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