By a vote of 32 to 13, North Carolina’s Senate on the last full day of its current session passed a motorcycle safety bill that also includes amendments very similar to the abortion legislation which Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently signed into law. The bill calls for a physician to be present when the first drug in a chemical abortion is administered, although follow-up doses can be taken at home. Further, abortion clinics would have to meet safety standards similar to those required of ambulatory surgical centers, and the bill would provide funding for more inspectors.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards declared the upgraded safety standards “dangerous and deeply unpopular” and urged Gov. Pat McCrory to follow through on his threat to veto the legislation. Others chose instead to rally around the #MotorcycleVagina hashtag. Why not #MotorcycleAbortion? Because vaginas, duh.

Abortion advocates following the proceedings had settled in for an “all-nighter” similar to the midnight votes that had happened in Texas; however, the Senate passed the bill before 8 p.m. after only an hour of debate.