We can’t really argue with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on that point. When it comes to repealing laws, and Obamacare in particular, the House hasn’t made much progress, although some good old bipartisanship could go a long way toward averting that train wreck. What’s on Reid’s mind today isn’t the Affordable Care Act, though, but those “mean spirited” sequester cuts that went into effect this spring.

Remember those? The nation was going to wake up to tainted meat, lines at the airport would be three hours minimum, and the cure for cancer would be shelved. Reid wants the world to know that when it comes to rolling back spending cuts, you can count on the Democrats.


Well, true, there really weren’t any cuts as much as there were reductions in growth. Still, it’s time for the Democrats to quit fooling around and turn the focus back on jobs. Remember those?


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