Surprising no one, the Pew Research Center today released a report showing that Hispanic illegal immigrants overwhelmingly lean toward the Democratic Party. Though the report is new, the numbers come from Pew’s 2012 National Survey of Latinos; perhaps Sen. Marco Rubio’s spearheading of the Gang of 8’s immigration reform legislation will turn that number right around.

The Washington Post has something of a silver lining for Republicans. As is turns out, the GOP actually fares slightly better among Hispanic illegals than it does legal permanent residents and citizens.

The numbers among Hispanic illegal immigrants were actually slightly better for Republicans than among legal ones.

Among Hispanic legal permanent residents (legal status but not citizens), Democrats led 67-13 percent. And among Hispanics who immigrated to the United States and became citizens, they led 69-17.

On his extensive tour of conservative media outlets, a large part of Rubio’s sales pitch for immigration reform was that Republican values aligned closely with those of Hispanics. Still, Latino voters voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by a factor of 71%-27%.

Sen. Rubio hasn’t had anything to say on his Twitter feed about immigration reform for nearly a month, and it doesn’t look like these poll numbers will do much to change that.