What is Sally Kohn’s message about Detroit? Not everyone who heard it tonight on Fox News’ “Special Report” is quite sure, because it sounded as though she was blaming the GOP’s platform of cutting taxes and government spending for Detroit’s descent into bankruptcy — or at the very least suggesting that Republican policies would force more cities to go the way of Detroit.

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg was among those who couldn’t quite place when it was that the GOP imposed crippling austerity programs on a city that’s been under Democrat control for six decades.

That makes a little more sense: the GOP is likely to use the spectacular failure of Detroit to argue that other cities not follow its lead.

There’s your proof: an article by Maya Wiley, founder and president of the Center for Social Inclusion, posted on The Grio, MSNBC’s site offering “the African-American perspective on the news.” The two factors behind Detroit’s bankruptcy? Race and disinvestment, writes Wiley.

Yeah, it really does. How about the conclusion that “racial fairness has to be at the center of all of the solutions to starving cities or we will ignore the roots of the problem”?

If a legacy of racially biased policies isn’t to blame, what is, then?


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