The prosecution has been trying its best to portray George Zimmerman as an out-of-control “wannabe cop,” which has again inspired some wannabe vigilantes to pass around Zimmerman’s home address on Twitter coupled with thinly veiled threats. Making a bad situation worse is that they’re still passing around the wrong address, which director Spike Lee twice retweeted to hundreds of thousands of followers last spring.

That little mixup led to an elderly couple being driven from their home. Lee eventually settled with the couple, but that hasn’t made the errant tweet disappear, and as points out, with a verdict in the case imminent, the address is being distributed again, and Sanford police have stepped up patrols around the house.

Here’s a screenshot of the most recent tweets with the address redacted, but with the ridiculous #Justice hashtag left intact.

Twitter / Search - george w. zimmerman 32773

That settlement likely frees Lee from commenting further on the mistake which might have put the lives of the couple in danger. Did it free his conscience as well?

Editor’s note: Twitchy has replaced the original screen shot with one that’s been further blurred.