With the nation seemingly captivated tonight by the Syfy network’s modern disaster classic “Sharknado,” some of the more Twitter-savvy organizations out there are doing their best to capitalize on the attention. The Marine Corps Reserve, for instance, is using the occasion to hype its destructive weather handbook, which it confesses does not include a chapter on sharknadoes.

Of course sharknadoes aren’t real, but sharknado fever is, and it’s highly contagious. The American Red Cross, too, is using the TV movie to educate the public, inviting followers to join in a live chat about “what we would do if faced with the highly grotesque and terrifying situation of having a tornado full of sharks bearing down on our hometown. How would we prepare? What is our evacuation plan? First aid skills?” No, really.

Is the Red Cross tougher than the Marine Corps Reserve? Maybe.