Coat hangers are a common prop among abortion activists, and this week’s debate in Austin, Texas, over legislation restricting abortions after 20 weeks has no shortage. We’ve already seen young children holding signs featuring coat hangers, and comedian and A Is For… co-founder Lizz Winstead urged her follows around the country to ship wire hangers to the state capital in protest. It looks like Texas House Democrats brought their own matching hangers for a photo op today, and the picture made quite an impression.

State Rep. Senfronia Thompson supplemented her presentation with a knitting needle and a bottle of turpentine, as well as her famous coat hanger brooch.

Not everyone was moved by the choice of props.

Pro-lifers haven’t been above employing their own props in the debate. Texas Sen. Bob Deuell placed baby shoes on his desk during a hearing in the Senate yesterday; that move, though, earned an “OMG” rather than a “Wow” from the Huffington Post’s Jennifer Bendery. The subtle distinction? One’s just a prop.