Whoever runs the White House Twitter account must have had a restful holiday. The Twitter feed is alive with the administration’s comedy stylings today, from the announcement of the administration’s fresh new vision for a smarter, more efficient government to this bit of good news: the nation’s budget deficit is projected to be $200 billion less than projected. According to a new report from the Office of Management and Budget, America is looking at a revised deficit of only $759 billion.

In a press release, OMB director Sylvia Mathews Burwell took a swipe at the “economically damaging” sequester, which the AP credits with making the drop in the projected deficit possible, while describing the sequester as the “automatic, across-the-board spending cuts that the White House had hoped to avert” — and which spokesman Jay Carney did his best to pin on the GOP.


So, the good news is that those GOP-driven cuts the White House opposed have helped reduce the deficit. Progress!



Spending cuts and lower deficits seem to be a hit with the public.