It was the Sandy Hook massacre that started Piers Morgan on his quest to end gun violence in America, but this week’s shootings in Chicago, usually overlooked by the CNN host, will have to be reason enough to kick-start his tireless campaign for federal gun control. Morgan has made the AR-15 the focus of his gun grab, so switching gears to Chicago, where handguns are the weapon of choice, will require him to broaden his approach. We think he’s still OK with each citizen owning a musket.

Note that the word “rights” is in what the Brits call inverted commas. Morgan likes Americans so much he’s willing to curb their Constitutional freedoms if it will help keep them safe.

So, guns need to be banned nationwide to keep them from reaching Chicago eventually? Then Chicago will be crime free?

It’s time to stop asking who will stop the violence in Chicago and start asking when Piers will take the problem into his own hands.