Singer and “X Factor” judge Demi Lovato made headlines last fall when she used a Barbie doll tossed on stage at Brazil’s Z Festival to make a speech about body image and eating disorders. “I spent my whole life trying to be this, and to look like this, and guess what — I’m not this,” she told the crowd, before throwing the doll back into the audience.

It’s no surprise, then, that Lovato has declared her love for a more realistically proportioned — or #bootybootybootyboottrockineverywhere — “Barbie” doll.

Hold up, now, Lovatics! Lovato didn’t do it, and neither did Barbie.

Before everyone gets too excited, no, this isn’t the new Barbie, and it’s not authorized by Mattel. Rather, it’s a one-off 3D model by Pittsburgh artist Nickolay Lamm. Now that it’s caught Lovato’s eye, is there a chance it might make it to market? And if so, what would they call it?