Something tells us Alec Baldwin’s epic rant calling out the “toxic little queen” who writes for the Daily Mail isn’t the first time he’s threatened someone. Deleting Twitter accounts is becoming something of a specialty as well, as many are reporting that @ABFalecbaldwin is returning nothing but a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” error tonight. Maybe it’s just a glitch, but Baldwin has signed off of Twitter twice before, first after his “Words with Friends” meltdown and again following his marriage in 2012.

Others are still seeing the account. You don’t just get rid of Alec Baldwin that easily … right, Capital One? The actor kept his capitalist spokesman gig after allegedly using a racial epithet against a photographer, so what’s the big deal about calling a male reporter a “bitch” and that Q-word that rhymes with Deen? Was that (oh, and the threat of violence) so wrong?


Sorry for those technical difficulties, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Baldwin seems to be back, for some followers at least.

* * *


The target of Baldwin’s rage might have nowhere to hide, but at least his tweets have been protected. Will that lock hold?

George Stark protected