Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis took a victory lap yesterday after (literally) standing strong nearly 11 hours Tuesday for late-term abortion, and she was lauded by politicians and celebrities alike as a hero. On the other side of the spectrum, craft store chain Hobby Lobby has been standing strong for months against the Obamacare mandate that it provide the morning after pill to its employees, facing fines running into the millions of dollars.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver today ruled that Hobby Lobby can proceed with its case against the mandate without being subject to crippling fines in the meantime. The “biblically founded business” based in Oklahoma City, Okla., announced last November that it was facing a fine of $1.3 million a day for not covering Plan B, which is now available over the counter with no age restriction.


The lawsuit now heads back to U.S. District Court in Oklahoma.