Only yesterday Bette Midler theorized that the Supreme Court decided to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act not because it was unconstitutional, but rather to throw liberals a bone to distract them from the “vicious” gutting of the Voting Rights Act. Texas is one of the states that will no longer require a federal babysitter, and the state intends to move ahead almost immediately with voter ID legislation that had previously been blocked by a federal court as a “strict, unforgiving burden.”

How much does a voter ID cost, anyway? According to the Dallas Morning News, they’re free, starting today.

Starting Thursday, Texas driver license offices will begin issuing photo IDs to anyone who doesn’t already have one. Under the 2011 state law creating one of the nation’s most strict voter ID laws, the certificates are free and valid for six years. To qualify, an applicant must show U.S. citizenship and Texas residency. The required documents are listed here to verify U.S. citizenship and identity.

Voters only need that document if they lack a current Texas drivers license, personal ID card or concealed handgun license; U.S. passport or military ID or citizenship certificate with photo.

How much it costs to prove you’re a U.S. citizen could vary widely, depending on if you really are a U.S. citizen.