After quickly deleting a tweet in which he called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “Uncle Thomas,” Minn. state Rep. Ryan Winkler skipped quickly through the standard steps of issuing a politician’s apology. First, he pleaded ignorance of the offense, and then apologized if people were offended. Trust us, they were.

After some reflection, Winkler moved on to step 3, issuing a statement apologizing for distracting from the real issue: other people’s racism.

I was very disappointed today in the Supreme Court decision to roll back key provisions of the Voting Rights Act because I believe the Voting Rights Act is one of the most important steps our nation has taken to eliminate racial discrimination.

In expressing that disappointment on twitter, I hastily used a loaded term that is offensive to many. My words were inappropriate and I apologize. The implications of this Supreme Court decision are serious for our state and country and I regret that my comments have distracted from the serious dialogue we must have going forward to ensure racial discrimination has no place in our election system.

Former Rep. Allen West isn’t the only one not quite ready to move on to that “serious dialogue” just yet; at least, not until this “loaded term” business is cleared up with some serious dialogue about Winkler and racism.

There’s no word that Winkler will resign, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any fallout from his “accidental racism.” Here’s one sign of progress: