It might not seem like much, but this afternoon’s tweet from the official White House account came with a little something extra: the president’s initials. The biggest news to us is that the president might have at last given up on tweeting from the @barackobama account, which belongs to the “nonpolitical” and wholly independent nonprofit Organizing for Action. Perhaps the exposure of the IRS’ crackdown on conservative groups seeking nonprofit status has the president and OFA being a little more careful about public displays of coordination. A retweet will have to settle in this case.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 3.47.25 PM

But that’s our concern, not the president’s. He’s choosing to turn his laser-like focus back to climate change, and the White House has released what is essentially a commercial for his speech Tuesday at Georgetown University. It’s a strange move, considering the Senate could certainly use some help forcing immigration reform through next week, but who knows: at least one senator has attempted to inject climate change hysteria into the immigration debate.

Americans don’t seem to be thrilled with the administration’s pivot back to global warming, but at least Obama’s thinking of the children, right?

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