Well played, Steven Crowder. Soon-to-be ex-Food Network host Paula Deen is dominating the news today with her no-show at this morning’s “Today” show, a videotaped apology and word that Food Network will not be renewing her contract following an exposé in the National Enquirer detailing racist statements and behavior. What did she say that was so offensive? Crowder decided to have some fun and exchange Deen’s comments for a couple of quotes from someone named Joe Biden. Whatever happened to that guy, anyway?

No, that was Sarah Palin, wasn’t it?

Don’t mistake Crowder’s trolling as excusing Deen’s comments. The fact that the consequences of her words have been so swift and apparently severe is proof, says Crowder, that (certain vice presidents excepted) America is not so accepting of racism as pundits like to claim.

What have we learned from this exercise, in which Crowder calls Deen’s comments “uniquely shocking” and says the outrage over them is a good thing? Apparently that Crowder is an unrepentant racist, a racism denier and an idiot.





Can we get a conservative in here to help translate?

It seems racism (on the Right, at least) is still a much bigger problem than anyone dares to admit. Maybe it’s time for the government to convene a special task force to tackle the problem — is Biden available?


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