It looks like Bill Maher has passed on Sarah Palin’s offer to meet up in person and have a little face-to-face chat about the comments he made on stage about Palin’s son, Trig. He (or whichever intern is writing his tweets this summer) apparently prefers to communicate via Twitter.

Maher did get some backup from a couple of hosts of “The View” Monday. Barbara Walters said that even when she was a kid — and let’s be honest, that was a while ago  — “retarded” was a derogatory term. It’s entirely possible, though, that Bill Maher’s comedic stylings are so out of date that he didn’t know what he was saying about Trig could be construed as offensive. And, as Whoopi Goldberg noted, isn’t society really to blame for twisting the perfectly good r-word into some sort of insult? Maher can’t help that.

Yes, really.