Technically speaking, Whoopi Goldberg didn’t defend Bill Maher working cheap shots at 5-year-old Trig Palin into his Vegas stand-up routine the other night. For the record, she also wasn’t defending director Roman Polanski that one time; she was just trying to clear up for viewers the subtle difference between rape and “rape-rape.”

The thing is, with the video of the discussion widely available, it’s easy enough to see first-hand which “View” host clearly and unequivocally denounced the vile Maher, to a round of loud applause. In short, it wasn’t Goldberg or even Barbara Walters, who didn’t think Maher intended the comment to be mean spirited and suggested it’s OK to pick on Sarah Palin’s family because she’s tough enough to take it.

Just for reference, here’s Palin’s response to Maher again — there’s no danger of interpreting Mama Grizzly’s stance, is there?


Women of ‘The View’ fret over Bill Maher’s Trig Palin insult