What has NBC News reporter Chuck Todd so bent out of shape this afternoon? Some news outlets just don’t respect the rules of the business anymore. The president yesterday taped an interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose that’s set to air tonight, but some whippersnappers — cough, BuzzFeed, cough — just couldn’t wait until the interview had been broadcast to share some of the juicier bits, all for the sake of cheap clicks.

We can understand Todd’s point to an extent, but c’mon. The Justice Department has been spying on Fox News’ James Rosen, Fox was frozen out of a State Department conference call on the Benghazi scandal, Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was reportedly hacked into while she was reporting on Fast and Furious and Benghazi, the White House has been quietly summoning selected news outlets for off-the-record briefings … and we’re worried about quotes from a softball interview with Public TV leaking early? Time for some serious navel-gazing from the media and the monster they’ve become.

It’s those non-pro “just a blogger” types ruining it for real journalists everywhere. Oh, and the racists.

But wait. Some outlets like Roll Call didn’t get the transcript at all, while others that didn’t request it did get copies.

Are we really hearing the words golden rule, manners, respect and honor being used in reference to the mainstream media?