A lot of people got on Katee Sackhoff’s case for acknowledging that there is indeed a difference between gun safety and gun control. Who doesn’t know that? Quite a few people, apparently, some of whom work on Capitol Hill. Check out Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s tweet from yesterday calling out all of those “opponents of gun safety” who stood in the way of the Democrats’ universal background check legislation.

“Longmire” and “Battlestar Galactica” star Sackhoff riled some Twitter followers earlier this week when she wandered off the liberal plantation and urged people to practice gun safety in response to a heartbreaking story of an accidental shooting.

Sackhoff caught some followers by surprise when she didn’t immediately jump on the “ban all firearms” bandwagon in reaction to a tragedy. (See how it’s done, Piers Morgan?)

[email protected] There are many safe homes with guns & kids in them. I’ve grown up around them for hunting & NEVER handled one without an adult. It’s about safety, education, and loving & listening to our children. There are so many reasons why guns are scary but there are so many reasons they are part of our world & lives. There is no easy answer here that will satisfy everyone.

We don’t understand either, but days later, Sackhoff is still astounded by the reaction to her perfectly level-headed call for personal responsibility. She posted a statement on her website today explaining that she was joking when she’d tweeted that she’d lost half her Twitter followers.

First of all I want to thank every single one of you who stood by me through a perceived mass exodus. The decision to not respond to the story was a joint one, (as you can imagine there are people who manage my career who weighed in on the week’s happenings.) we did not want to add more fuel to the fire. As I said in one if my tweets, this is a touchy subject with a lot of passion and emotion attached to it. I never wanted to BE news, nor do I believe I should be. I am just an actress. Granted I have opinions but standing on a soap box was never my intention. So I sat and watched this last week transpire.

My opinions are just that, my truth is my integrity. And my integrity is my character. I hope none of that has come into question this week. I would hate to think I let any one of you down. I stand by my words and my truth.

Fair enough. An actress urges parents to educate their children on gun safety and Twitter goes crazy. In the meantime, the vice president and head of the president’s task force on gun safety repeatedly advises citizens to buy shotguns and fire them blindly through doors if they feel threatened. Got it. At least Sackhoff’s straight shooting went over well with fans both old and new.