Sen. Lindsey Graham had some tough words — really tough, actually — for confessed NSA leaker Edward Snowden, vowing to track 29-year-old Edward Snowden “to the ends of the earth” in order to bring him to justice. Snowden is already being revered by many, with Michael Moore wasting no time yesterday declaring him “Hero of the Year” — and it’s only June.

Every “hero” needs a villain, and Graham seems perfectly happy to step into that role despite the inevitable backlash. But we’re back to the question we’re always asking with “Lindsey Grahamnesty”: You’re getting tough now? If you’re worried about national security, we have a big old border that could use some of that attention, not to mention a corrupt administration. Chris Loesch nails it perfectly.

Would anybody like to defend Graham on this one? Bueller?