He’s back! Yesterday afternoon, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas tweeted a link to the letter announcing the completion of his parole sentence, and he teased that he’d be paying a visit today to one of the stars of a previous video. The destination turned out to be the former Philadelphia office of ACORN.

Fortunately for O’Keefe, he was able to track down former ACORN staffers pretty easily, as they apparently found work at a place called Action United, which set up shop in the same building where ACORN had done business before O’Keefe’s undercover videos drove Congress to freeze federal funding of the group.

Probation doesn’t seem to have quelled O’Keefe’s ambitions in any way. More video soon?

* * *


The good news is that O’Keefe is up to something; the bad news is he’s not telling … yet.