As Twitchy already pointed out, the Obama administration either has a terrible sense of timing or just enjoys trolling the rest of us. On the same day the nation is learning that the National Security Agency and FBI have been tapping directly into the central servers of Microsoft, Apple, Google, YouTube, Facebook and other Internet companies, the NRA NSA decided to advertise for a “digital exploitation specialist.”

President Obama has, not surprisingly, been silent on the revelations today (perhaps he’ll read about it in the paper tomorrow), but the White House did choose today to push for high-speed Internet access for every student in the nation, so that America’s public schools could at last compete with … Starbucks?

That’s a cute photo for sure, but there’s no reason in 2013 the president should have to visit your school in person to see what’s on your laptop screen.

High-speed Internet access in every school sounds great, but not everyone’s convinced that’s the missing piece of the public education puzzle.

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo that mistakenly identified the NSA as the NRA.